Creative Schedule

It’s so great to be back writing in this creative space! Since our hiatus I’ve been thinking a lot about keeping a creative schedule. If you want to finish a project you must keep yourself on a schedule. Just like in school when you had a paper due or at work with an important document that needs to be completed, you need to set a deadline if you want to get anything done.

Look at your schedule and find the pockets of time to work on your creative project. Maybe it’s an hour or two every morning or a 3-4 hour block on the weekend. That’s actually my best time. I have so much going on during the week that I need a few hours if not the majority of the day on the weekend.

This week map out your creative schedule for the next month and stick to it.



Mantra Meditation 

Mantras are powerful sound vibrations that help to align and balance our chakras or energy centers.  In this meditation we will meditate on the bija mantra that is related to our Swadisthana Chakra, or second chakra.  Our second chakra is known as our creative center.  

Find a comfortable seated position.  Begin to close your eyes and notice your breath.  As you inhale, allow the breath to enter your body, and as you exhale try saying the mantra, VAM aloud.  Feel free to chant it loudly, speak it softly or even say it aloud in your head.  Allow this mantra’s vibrations to resonate throughout your body.  This mantra is used to open and awaken your creativity.  When meditating on VAM, try to allow your focus to be on the mantra.  Notice it’s sound or the feel of the mantra as you say it and/or hear it.  Inhale the breath, and exhale VAM.   Repeat this for as long as feels comfortable. 

How did this work for you? Let me know in the comments below ✍🏻 



You are alive!


I love this image above taken from Elizabeth Gilbert because often times we forget that we have the ability to create and to be creative.   Our innate ability to be creative not only affects our ability to paint, draw, dance, cook, sing, play an instrument or make an awesome collage, but it actually effects our ability to make changes in our lives!  It’s easy to forget that we are in control of our thoughts, words and actions.  But these thoughts, words and actions dictate most of our reality.

As a life coach, I hear many people say, “I want to change ____ but I just don’t know how.”  My job as a life coach isn’t to tell people how to make the change, but to help them understand they already have the answers.  Wait, we already have the answers for how to make our life’s dream come true? Yes, we do!

Try this simple journal exercise this week to awaken your creative ability:

  1. What are three things you enjoy doing?

2. How often do you do these things?

(if you answered not that much please add the following questions to your journal entry)

3. What is holding you back from doing these things more often?

4.  When will you feel you have enough time, energy, etc (fill in the blank here) to do these things?

Let me know how the journaling went in the comments below!







Let Creativity Enter

Everyone can be creative. We all have the ability to create new ideas, it doesn’t matter what field it’s in. Not every creative needs to be in the arts.

Winter is the time to slow down the body and the mind. When you slow things down and relax you’re more open to receive creative thoughts. This holiday season instead of rushing from one party to the next, take time to relax the mind and create space for the creative thoughts to enter. They’re there, you just need to listen.


Honor Your Energy

When the seasons begin to change and the days begin to feel shorter, we often feel a shift in our energy.  It is important to honor your energy and know when to slow down rather then speed up.

When we are tense and stressed out we are usually activating our sympathetic nervous system or “fight or flight” stress response.  Yoga helps us activate our parasympathetic nervous system, or “rest and digest” which is our relaxation response.  In a healthy body, the two of these systems work together, creating a balance in the autonomic nervous system so the body can function properly.  However, if you are operating at more of a “fight or flight” mentality, like most of us are, in our busy, multi-tasking world today, then finding time to learn how to unwind is key.  When we feel relaxed and at ease, our creativity is at its peak.

Try doing this simple cross-legged seat  with a forward fold to rest and re-charge and spark your creativity:



*For this exercise you will need a chair and a blanket or two.

Come sit on the ground where you are facing a chair.  Place a blanket or two underneath your seat.  Cross your shins one in front of the other and flex your feet.  Feel your sitting bones root into the blankets and notice any length in your spine.  On your inhale, reach your arms up and overhead.  Notice the length through all sides of your torso and feel a lift in your heart.  On your exhale, reach your arms toward the seat of the chair.  Let your arms rest on the chair seat, and allow your forehead to find a resting spot on the chair seat.  When your forehead rests on something, it initiates your relaxation response.  As you breathe in, feel the breath moving through the body, as you breathe out, imagine your breath moving into your hips, legs and feet.  Continue with this breath pattern for 5-10 breaths.  To come out, inhale and lift your head, slowly come back to your upright seated position.  Repeat on the other side by switching the crossing of your legs, so the other leg is on top.



There’s Always Something to Learn

We can always learn something new. Opening yourself up to your creativity means that you are open to learn more. If there’s something you want to do but don’t know how, take a class. There’s a class out there for pretty much everything. Refine your skills. We can all learn from each other and share our knowledge.

This weekend take the first step and book a class in a subject you’re interested in, whether it’s photography, sculpture, jewelry making or writing.


Allow Yourself to Say No

As creatives (and busy people), we sometimes find it hard to say no. We want to do everything and take on every opportunity. We don’t want to miss out on a potential client, art buyer, collaboration or project, so instead of saying no we say yes too often. When the mind is overloaded it’s hard to let the creativity flow. Saying yes leads to feeling overworked and stressed, which can take a toll on your physical body. Instead of saying yes, know when to say no. Let go of projects that aren’t serving you. Wait until one project is complete before starting another.

This weekend enjoy some time to yourself as you prepare for the new month and the coming of winter. Allow yourself to say no.


Have Courage to be Creative

Lately I’ve been really into finding quotes on creativity. They’ve given me a drive to continue to create. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m not the only one out there trying to create something. Nothing is certain when is comes to opening yourself up to your art. You never know the path it will lead you on, but take the leap anyway. Have the courage to be creative. Have the courage to do something that you believe in. That makes you happy.

This weekend find a quote or come up with a mantra that gives you courage. Paste the quote on your wall or the desktop of your computer. Say the mantra while meditating. What gives you courage to be creative?


Abundance Essential Oil Meditation


Abundance Essential Oil is a blend of orange, frankincense, patchouli, clove, ginger, myrrh, cinnamon and spruce.  This blend of essential oils is created to enhance our magnetic field and allow us to open ourselves to a more harmonious relationship to our surroundings, initiating the “law of attraction.”  Try using this essential oil in your meditation to ignite or spark your creative self by attracting a wealth of opportunities, ideas or inspiration! 

Find a comfortable seat.  Place a drop or two of abundance oil in your palm and slightly rub your palms together.  Place your cupped palms over your nose and inhale the scent of Abundance!  Exhale fully.  Take as much time as you need to smell the fragrance of the oil and then allow your palms to rest comfortably on your legs.  Feel the rootedness of your seat and the length of your spine.  Allow your eyes to remain open and let your gaze or drishti fall on something you can keep your focus and attention on.  This way, you are practicing a single-pointed focus and allowing your attention to stay centered and steady.  Begin to breathe deeply in and out.  As you breathe in, think of the mantra, “I receive” and as you breathe out, think of the mantra, “I create.”  Try this for as long as feels comfortable and natural.

Let me know how this works in the comments below.