You are alive!


I love this image above taken from Elizabeth Gilbert because often times we forget that we have the ability to create and to be creative.   Our innate ability to be creative not only affects our ability to paint, draw, dance, cook, sing, play an instrument or make an awesome collage, but it actually effects our ability to make changes in our lives!  It’s easy to forget that we are in control of our thoughts, words and actions.  But these thoughts, words and actions dictate most of our reality.

As a life coach, I hear many people say, “I want to change ____ but I just don’t know how.”  My job as a life coach isn’t to tell people how to make the change, but to help them understand they already have the answers.  Wait, we already have the answers for how to make our life’s dream come true? Yes, we do!

Try this simple journal exercise this week to awaken your creative ability:

  1. What are three things you enjoy doing?

2. How often do you do these things?

(if you answered not that much please add the following questions to your journal entry)

3. What is holding you back from doing these things more often?

4.  When will you feel you have enough time, energy, etc (fill in the blank here) to do these things?

Let me know how the journaling went in the comments below!








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