Dancing Warrior Flow


Have you ever been so busy doing something that you lost track of time? Have you ever been so focused on something that it appeared like everything else just fell away? This is the process of being “in the flow”. When we are “in the flow” we no longer have to analyze or remind ourselves to stay focused- we just are focused. This state of “flow” is a creative state that allows us to feel more like a vessel rather than a vehicle. We are not operating something. Something is operating through us.

To practice this “in the flow” exercise begin by standing in Warrior II (to learn how see this post) on the right side. Feel your feet connect to the ground underneath you. On your inhale, come to Reverse Warrior by reaching your right arm up to the sky as your back arm slides down your back thigh. On your exhale pass through Warrior II and bring your right elbow on your right knee and extend your left arm in line with your ear for Extended Side Angle Pose. On your inhale, rise back up through Warrior II and back to Reverse Warrior. On your exhale, pass through Warrior II to Extended Side Angle Pose. On your inhale, rise back up to Warrior II. Continue this 3x or so until you feel the rhythm of the movement and it feels more fluid. Begin to feel the connection between the movement and the breath. Allow the breath to move your body. Sense what it feels like to be “in the flow”. Practice this on the left side as well.



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