In Your Defense

Last week I suggested writing a letter to your Artist Champion, and this week I’m suggesting the opposite. Again, go back through the years of your life but this time think about the people that brought down your artist. Those that weren’t encouraging, who didn’t think you were an artist, who told you to go against your intuition.

Make a list of three people that standout. Now, choose one and write a letter in your defense. This won’t be mailed, so put don’t everything that you feel. What was the situation? What was your response? Tell them how you feel. Release this situation and the bad thoughts and feelings associated with it to the universe. You no longer need it.

Dear Mrs. Rios, Why are you a career counselor, when you told me I should apply to that college? That’s how my letter started. Write the letter and seal it to never be seen or write it in your daily journal.



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