Warrior 2


Warrior 2 or Virabhadrasana II (in sanskrit) is a grounding pose that builds stamina in the mind/body, mobility in the hips and strength in the legs, core and arms.  This pose is great way to tap into your creative center by allowing yourself to feel grounded.  From a standing position, take a wide stance with your legs.  Turn your entire left leg out to face left and turn your right toes in slightly.  Feel your feet root down into the earth.  With your hands on your hips, bend your left knee and align your left knee with your left ankle.  Firm your back leg as you hug your left hip into center.  Feel a spiraling motion of your inner left thigh rotate up toward your outer left thigh and hug back toward your outer left hip.  This allows you to experience the external rotation of the left hip.  Lengthen your tailbone.  Spread your arms out wide, extending through your fingertips.  To experience a more grounded sensation in this shape, turn your palms open to the sky and allow your head to stay in line with your heart.  Choose to close your eyes or leave them open.  Remain here for five deep breaths.  As you inhale, feel the heart expand and as you exhale, imagine your breath moving into your feet.  Feel the ground underneath your feet and the expansiveness of the breath. To come out, straighten your left leg, relax the arms, and parallel the feet.  Follow the same instructions for the right side.




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