Your Artist Child

Your inner artist is like a child. When you were younger you used your imagination more and allowed yourself to daydream. Your stuffed animals were your students, your coloring book was an art piece and things were made out of thin air. As we get older we tend to limit our thoughts. Our world becomes more rigid and less playful. But our inner artist thrives on those creative child-like thoughts and behavior.

In order to nurture your artist child you must do what all kids want, spend some quality time with it. Every week take your artist out on date. Do something alone, no kids, spouse or friends. Just you and your artist. Go bowling, fishing, hiking or take a cooking or painting class. It may seem silly or frightening going out and doing something alone, but it’s important self nurture that your inner artist will appreciate. Allow yourself to do something different, you never know what your artist may like.

Start taking your artist child out this week and make it a priority every week.



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