Lion’s Breath


Lion’s Breath is a great way to open your throat and tap into your 5th chakra, your communication center.  Sometimes when we are looking to start a creative project, finding our voice seems to be the hardest part.  This breathwork will help you tap into your inner power, courage and strength.

Begin in a comfortable seated position.  Notice your breath.  Inhale deeply and then take a full exhale.  On your next inhale, breathe in through your nose and on your next exhale, open your mouth and stick out your tongue, breathing out of your mouth.  Try this a few times and feel free to add in a little roar or a sound that expresses your courage or strength.  Do you feel a bit more courageous?  Maybe even powerful or strong?  I hope after doing this breathwork you feel ready to step into your voice and use it to tell your story.  Have fun!




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