Embrace Change to Hone into Your Creativity

This Sunday is daylight savings and with that it had me thinking about the idea of change and how it relates to the creative life.

Change is inevitable. It happens moment to moment every day of our lives. Our thoughts change, our feelings change and our bodies change. Some changes are harder to grasp than others and we have to work through them. We each have our own method for doing that. When we have these dramatic changes it’s sometimes hard to feel creative. We get stuck in a rut and feel as if nothing could move us to a creative thought until this larger issue has passed.

When this happens, sit there in the moment. Sit in front of your creative work station, your computer or your canvas and feel what it feels like. Don’t run away and create a distraction, which is usually something that “needs” to be done, like laundry, but doesn’t need to be done that second. Sit in the moment and allow it to pass. Give yourself permission to have those feels and then give yourself the permission to move on and be creative.

We can’t stop things from changing, but we can stop how we continue to relate to it.



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