Bumble Bee Breathing


Our fifth chakra, Vishudda Chakra or Throat Chakra, is our communication center.  When we feel balanced within our throat chakra, we can express ourselves freely and make the desires of our heart a reality through words and actions.  When we are balanced within this chakra, what we think and say align with one another.  If we feel out of balance within our throat chakra, we may not be saying what we need to say, expressing ourselves honestly or vice-versa, we may be speaking so much that we are out of touch with what we are even saying, therefore, creating a disconnect between what our minds may think and what our hearts may feel.  To create balance within your throat chakra, try bumble bee breath or brahmari breath.  

Find a comfortable seated position.  Place your hands around your neck gently as if you were giving yourself a relaxing massage.  Take an inhale through your nose and and exhale creating an “om” sound.  Feel the vibrations in your throat and feel the vibrations in your hands.  Inhale again, but this time, seal your lips as you exhale and create an “om” sound.  With your lips sealed, it will feel as though you are creating a buzzing sensation, similar to a bee.  Try this a few more times, breathing slowly in through your nose and exhale while sealing your lips to create a buzzy “om” sound.  Allow your breath to feel natural and effortless.  This breath will stimulate your throat, thyroid and throat chakra and it will also calm and soothe your mind.  Let me know how this works for you in the comments below. If you want to try this in class, come try yoga this week!




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