Your Master Mind Group

Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich has left a lasting impression after reading it years ago. It was published in 1937 after Hill conducted a study of the most successful people in America. Over 70 years later and what he found still rings true. If you haven’t read the book, pick up a copy.

In the book Hill suggests to his readers to form a Master Mind Group. This is a group of friends and mentors who encourage each other to be creative and entrepreneurs. These aren’t your drinking buddies. But a group, much like the Bloombury Group, who paint together, write together, make music and do whatever it is they are passionate about.

Find your Master Mind Group. It may only be one person or it may be a few people, but you don’t all meet together as one group. You don’t need to tell them or ask them to be in your group. But recognize who they are. I have a few people that I know are part of my Master Mind Group. I’ve never mentioned it to them, but these are the friends I call to edit my writing, to ask for career or creative advice and to bounce ideas off of.

Just like Hill discovered, I believe to be successful you have to surround yourself with successful positive people. To be a successful creative you must do the same. Add people to your Master Mind Group that encourage you to create and don’t put you down. That help you find time to do your passion and not find ways to take you away from it or feel bad for it.

If you don’t already have a Master Mind Group start with one person. Ashley is in my Master Mind Group and look what we created together.



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