Envision Essential Oil & Passion Meditation


Envision essential oil is an amazing blend of spruce , geranium, orange, lavender, sage, and rose.

This essential oil does what is says: helps you envision!  This essential oil will help you facilitate creativity, and maintain the stamina and courage to make your dreams a reality.  Envision essential oil awakens and inspires your internal drive to move forward to pursue your passion!

Try this passion-focused meditation exercise with Envision:

(you may want a piece of paper & pen)

Begin seated in a comfortable position.  Notice your inhale and notice your exhale.  Feel your seat root into the ground and notice the length of your spine.  Feel all four sides of your neck lengthen evenly and feel the crown of your head lengthening toward the sky.  Feel the flow of breath move through your body and notice any sense of relaxation in between your eyebrows or third eye.  Allow your eyes to close and feel them soften like pools of water.  Take a moment to ask yourself this question: What is my passion?  Answer it in your mind or write it down on a piece of paper.  Take a moment to think about your answer and hold it in your mind.  Now, place a couple of drops of Envision essential oil into your palm and rub your palms together lightly three times and lightly cup your hands over your nose and smell the wonderful fragrance of this essential oil.  Take three deep breaths in and three deep breaths out.  Imagine yourself pursuing your passion.  What does it feel like?   Take a moment to hold this feeling in your body.  Observe it and notice it.  How does your breath feel?  Shortened or lengthened?  Keep imagining yourself pursuing this passion.  What does it look like? Take a moment to hold any images that come mind.  Do any colors or vivid depictions come into play?   If you feel like you’d like to jot down any feelings or images you got from this exercise feel free to do it now.

Any questions?  Leave them in the comments below.




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