Pose with a Partner!

  Sometimes if we feel stuck in a creative rut, we just need a little outside inspiration.  That’s why collaborating is so useful!  The wonderful thing about our minds is that we are all unique individuals with different maps, interpretations, ideas and perspectives.  Enjoy the art of collaboration by participating in this Partner Yoga Pose.  

To begin, find a willing partner to work with!  Sit back to back and place the soles of your feet together in cobbler’s pose.  Feel the length of each other’s spine, notice the broadness of the upper back, feel the support of each other’s shoulder blades and let your heads rest against each other’s.  Notice your own breath, the inhalation and the exhalation.  Then notice your partner’s breath.  Is it fast or slow? Steady or uneven?  Continue to breathe deeply here and notice how after a minute or so your breath cycle starts to feel more in sync and more in rhythm with each other’s.  Stay here for as long as you’d like enjoying this collaborative pose.  Once you are done feel free to brainstorm about your current creative projects and see if you can gather any insight from one another.  Have fun collaborating 🙂 




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