Goddess Pose

Standing poses give us stamina, build strength and harness our power. Goddess pose gives us power and strength to stay rooted in our truth. When harnessing creativity, a lot people feel held back from expressing themselves because of their own inner critic. Goddess pose gives us the strength let go of the voice of the inner critic and to trust our inner goddess, the divine feminine, to harness our ability to create and be creative.

Take a wide-legged stance. Turn your toes out and heels in. Take a deep breath in and reach your arms up to the sky, as you exhale bring your hands in prayer as you bend your knees. Place your hands on your thighs and note that your toes are in line with your knees. Lift your frontal pelvic bones slightly toward your heart as you spread wide across your collarbones. Take a few deep breaths here harnessing your power to stay rooted in your truth. Feel your feet connect to the earth and notice the strength in your legs and hips. Feel the strength and power in your abdomen. Feel any sense of opening in your heart. Trust your inner strength.

To come out, straighten your legs and turn your feet to parallel. Step your feet together.



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