Take a Break

Being a creative means knowing when to take a creativity break. Although we like to think of ourselves as machines, constantly cranking out one idea after the other, it doesn’t work that way. People don’t effectively work that way. It’s nice to take a mental break and do something else, but it’s even better to take a physical break as well.

A mental break is when you step away and work on something else. You do busy work. Pay bills, schedule meetings or help your children with their homework. Yes, you are taking a break from your creative work, which is important, but you’re not taking a mental break. Relax. Take a nap outside on a warm day. Sit by the pool. Get a massage. Give your body a break.

When we take time to give ourselves the break that we need we come back energized, happier and ready to take on the creative process revived. Listen to you body and know when it’s time to put down the pen and put your feet up.



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