We all love our technology and social media “connecting” platforms. The way we connect with each other and ourselves is changing every day. I don’t need to go on about how technology is making us more disconnected from real human connection, we all seem to know and get that by now. But what is it doing to our creativity? Is it really inspiring us to be more creative?

Just like anyone else I use the internet to do research. I research a topic I’m writing about, I look up what brands are doing on social media to gain inspiration and insight, and I follow people who are doing things I admire. Without realizing it all of the time, this connecting is actually making me disconnected from my true creative self. It’s pulling me away from my thoughts and into someone else’s. It’s always great to get inspiration from somewhere, but it’s even better when you can get it from yourself.

Try to find time to disconnect this week. Don’t check your Facebook, update your Instagram or see what’s happening on Twitter. Instead, put the phone down and revel in your own thoughts. Let your creativity lead you.



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