Waterfall Pose


This pose is called Viparita Karani, most commonly known as Legs-Up-The-Wall-Pose or Waterfall Pose.
This asana (pose) is great for relaxing the body, mind and heart by relaxing the nervous system, pacifying your arms and legs (which are usually in motion) and giving yourself an opportunity to slow down and breathe. The element of creativity is water. Water is flowing and fluid. Being able to “go with the flow” is part of our creative nature. In the moment of deepest relaxation, our true creativity can be awakened and set free. Enjoy the deeply calming benefits of this posture and allow your creativity to flow.

Begin by sitting down next to a wall, right hip against the wall, knees bent in toward your chest & feet on the ground. From here, lay on your left side with knees hugged in toward your body and your bum against the wall. From this side lying position, roll onto your back and lift the legs up the wall. If you feel comfortable, remain here. If this feels like a hamstring stretch, move your bum away from the wall slightly and bend your knees any amount so your legs feel relaxed. Now that your legs are comfortable, let your arms rest by your sides and breathe deeply. This pose is an inversion, and your legs may feel slightly tingly after being here awhile- this is normal- it’s just your blood flowing in an opposite direction. Feel your whole body relax as if it were made only of water, adapting to any shape; flowing and fluid like a stream moving around a rock in its path. Imagine that your feet are the top of a waterfall, and your legs are the water rushing down into the pool of your belly. Feel your belly soften. Notice how your belly rises as you inhale and how your belly descends as you exhale. Feel the chest soften and relax. Notice any sense of relaxation in your jaw or in your mouth. Feel the depth of your eyes relax in their sockets. Feel your eyes gently go out of focus. Feel any sense of space in between your eyebrows and across your forehead. Feel the crown of your head relax. Feel back of the head get heavy. Feel the whole body surrender into the shape. Fluid and flowing like water. Remain here for 10 min or so. When you come out of the pose, notice how you feel and jot down the first thing that comes to mind on a piece of paper.

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