Stress Away Essential Oil

Cropped-Stress-AwayStress Away is an amazing essential oil blend of Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea and Lavender.  Sometimes the stresses of daily life get in the way of expressing our creativity.  Let go of your stresses and allow yourself to be in the present moment.  The name of this oil blend says it all: Stress Away!

Try this Stress Away Meditation:

Begin in a comfortable seated position.  Place a drop of Stress Away Essential Oil in the palm of your hand, slight rub your hands together and place your cupped hands over your nose and take a deep inhale.  As you exhale, place your hands comfortably on your lap.  As you inhale, notice the breath that comes in, and as you exhale, notice the breath that goes out.  Simply breathe in and breathe out.  Continue to notice your breaths just like this, if your mind gets distracted, try labeling your inhale- IN, and trying labeling your exhale- OUT.  Allow yourself to be fully present and focused on your breath.

For more info about essential oils or to order some of your own click here.





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