I recently got back from a two week vacation in England and France. Getting away for awhile made me realize how important it is for your creativity to travel.

Traveling opens your mind to see a new part of the world, whether it’s a weekend trip to the next city over to discover local gems or jumping on a flight to a far off country. When you open your mind you’re more receptive to allowing creative thoughts to enter. Getting away from your comfort zone also opens the mind to think in different ways. Finding directions in an area you don’t know, watching unfamiliar faces, discovering a new culture and food. These can all trigger a creative thought and action. Travel also expands your mind and heart. You’re able to appreciate the world we live in and your unique life.

Plan a trip somewhere that will open your creative mind. Take a weekend camping trip in the mountains. Rent a beach house and relax by the ocean. Explore ancient ruins. Whatever gets your creativity going, plan that trip and go.




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