Bow humbly to your Inner Artist

Humble Warrior is a multi-faceted standing posture. It encourages a deep hip opener while actively working the glutes, legs and opening the shoulders and heart-space. This pose represents the act of humility and surrender. As we let go of the outcome, judgment or expectation of what we create, our creativity has the ability to flow freely and unbounded. Try this pose to bow to your inner artist and surrender to the process. To try this pose, start by coming into Downward Dog. Step your right foot forward right next to your right thumb and spin your back heel down. On your inhale, rise to Warrior 1. From your Warrior 1, exhale as you interlace your hands behind your back and roll the shoulders back. Take a deep inhale and open your heart. As you exhale, bow forward toward the earth as your interlaced hands extend toward the sky. As you remain in this pose, breathe deeply and surrender to the moment. Bow to your inner artist. To come out, release your hands to the earth and step to Downward Dog. Repeat on the other side.



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