Find Retreat

The word retreat is used when thinking of a quiet and secluded place to relax, as in a yoga retreat or spa retreat. But the word retreat also means to withdraw or move back. When thinking about your creative retreat space, where you relax and quiet your senses to your passion, think about how you can use this space to move back. Move back to a time when you felt most creative. Withdraw from the self doubt and allow your mind to open. You can physically withdraw from the outer world in this retreat space and you can also mentally withdraw to a creative moment in the past.

Think about this creative time in your life and draw upon that next time. It may have been when you were a child singing, dancing and drawing or when you were in college when you made a student film, were in a band or attended open mic nights. Reflect on these memories and use them as fuel and encouragement to move you in your next project.



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