Have No Fear

Unleashing your creativity is like taking a leap of faith. It can be a scary thing to put your creative foot forward, especially if it means sharing it with other people. Fear is a big factor that often holds people back from doing something exciting, something different, something they’re passionate about. Do not let fear control your happiness.

Make a list of twenty things that sound fun to do but you’re too scared or nervous to do them. If you could do anything without any fear, what would it be? Maybe it’s skydiving, driving a race car, singing in public, opening your own art gallery or deep sea diving. Don’t hold back. Go ahead and make your list now.

Read over your list and choose one thing. How can you take a step forward toward doing that activity this week?

If you want to going extreme mountain biking, maybe you buy a bike. Want to publish a cookbook? Start writing down your recipes. What can you do this month?



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