5 Tips on How to Get Creative in the Workplace

After sitting at your desk for eight hours, day in and day out, it gets difficult to keep the creative juices flowing. Here are five tips on how to jump start the creative process.

1. Brainstorm. – Set up a brainstorm meeting with your team to talk things through. You can bounce ideas off one another whether it’s for an event, marketing or strategy.
2. Take a walk. – Go for a walk around the building or around the block. When the body is moving so is the mind. The fresh air may help bring some inspiration.
3. Bring in other team members. – Brainstorm meetings are always helpful, but when you’re meeting with the same people your ideas sometimes mesh. Bring in creatives from other teams to hear new perspectives and ideas. Two or three heads are always better than one.
4. Keep creative objects at your desk. – When you look away from the computer you want to look at something inspiring. Keep objects that transcend you to your happy place on your desk. Or items that bring back a memory.
5. Book a conference. – At least once a year book a seat at a motivational or creative conference. This will jump start your creativity in a major way!



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