Break Free From Routine

Often times we get so used to our normal routine that it’s hard for us to break free from it. We do things a certain way because we know what results they will bring, and we like that. When someone comes in and does it differently we are jolted, upset or frustrated. This could be something as small as your husband making the bed differently than you do, your housekeeper putting away your clothes in the wrong drawers or your manager fixing a few words on your presentation. Everyone does it differently, the challenge is learning to accept that and to not be bound to your routine.

Break free from your routine. Take a different path to work. If you paint in a studio, try painting outside. If you write at your desk at home, take your computer to a coffee shop. Mixing up your routine, even in the smallest way, will help you think differently and may lead you to thinking about your creative project differently. Often times we think outside of the box when we are physically taken out of that box.

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