Inspiration Exploration Meditation

IMG_1651.JPGBegin seated in a comfortable position. Lengthen your spine so your breath can move easily through your body. Close your eyes. Begin to notice your breath. Allow your breath to be natural, organic and effortless. Notice any thoughts that enter your mind. Observe your thoughts and allow them to enter. Observe your thoughts and allow them to leave. Bring yourself back to your breath, just noticing how you breathe in and how you breathe out. Open your eyes and think of something that brings you inspiration. Notice if anything in the space around you inspires you or feeds your creative soul. Close your eyes and listen. Notice if anything you hear at the moment brings you inspiration. Think of anything you’ve heard in the past that has inspired you. Continue to breathe deeply. Place your hands on your lap and interweave your fingers. Feel your fingers resting on each other. Think back to a time when something you had felt or touched brought you inspiration. Continue to breathe deeply. Notice any sense of relaxation in your jaw. Feel your tongue relax in your mouth. Imagine a tangerine in your mind. Notice it’s vibrant orange color, it’s fresh taste, rubbery texture and citrusy scent. Imagine you are smelling a tangerine. Does it invoke any sense of energy or inspiration in this moment? Continue to breathe deeply and remain here for as long as you’d like.



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